Tyres & Mags

We stock the following brands of tyres:



Falken: Japenese design with manufacturing world wide, a plant in Ladysmith is the most recent addition. If you are looking for affordable replacement tyres then Falken is the brand for you.


brand-continentalContinental: German designed, locally produced. Covers the entire range from small passenger to luxury passenger and run-flats to LDV, SUV and 4×4.



BF Goodrich: The name and reputation says it all. If you want a premium long lasting, aggressive 4×4 tyre, then search no further.



General Tire: American designed tyre, distributed in South Africa by Continental. It has long had a good reputation for their 4×4 tyres, they now offer a complete range of passenger tyres as well.


Goodyear: American tyre brand with local production. Strong OE presence, if it is trusted by vehicle manufacturers, then why not by you?

Coopertires: 4×4 Luxury Tires.



Michelin: A French tyre brand. Well known and respected for the quality of their products, if you are willing to pay for extra mileage and fantastic grip then Michelin is your brand.



Pirelli: Italian designed. Well known for their supply of tyres to Formula-1 racing. If you are looking for great grip on your performance vehicle then Pirelli is the option for you.



Summerstar: The Point-S private label tyre. European designed and produced. If you are in the market for affordable replacement tyres built to European standards then Summerstar is the brand for you.





We have access to wide range of makes mags, our primary brand is A-Line. However we can supply any of the following brands as well : Racing HartSSW and Turn 1. Feel free to enquire for a quote if any of the designs on their websites takes appeals to you and we will source it.