One of the leading causes for irregular tyre wear is worn shock absorbers. In order to ensure that we can provide the best possible advice to optimize your tyre live we offer a shock fitment service as well. Due to us having shown the necessary expertise and being in possession of the right equipment we were accredited the first Authorised Monroe Expert Safety Centre in  Pretoria in September 2014. We are proud to ally ourselves with Monroe, a leading name in shock absorbers world wide.


Shock absorbers can start to be worn through from around 60000km, it is good to have them regularly checked from then on for any signs of damage. We have a state-of-the-art shock tester which will allow us diagnose any problem occur on your vehicle. Once diagnosed can then offer a premium shock brand at an affordable price for your peace of mind. So if you hear a noise when driving over speed-bumps or you feel the car “bounces” after that bring it to an Expert for a proper diagnosis.