Taking a look at Summer Star Tyres

Summerstar Tyres, a premium quality tyre at a mid-range tyre price. Summer Star Tyres achieves premium performance in mixed weather conditions – wet and dry roads. With high speed driving, Summer Star tyres are exposed to coping with grip and bursting on dry roads and reduced breaking on wet roads. To establish this feature they make use of longer and deeper siping design with a higher constant number of biting edges.

Summer Star

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Apollo Tyres for your Car!

Apollo Tyres has been in business since 1972, making this an established motor vehicle tyre brand.  Apollo Tyres is one of the leading tyre manufacturing companies in India, with manufacturing plants in India and The Netherlands.

Apollo Tyre Awards:

Apollo Tyres have won multiple awards during the years including: the Apollo Safe Drive campaign, which won the IRTE Road Safety Award, For more on Apollo awards visit: http://profit.ndtv.com/stock/apollo-tyres-ltd_apollotyre/reports 

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Which Tyre Brand drives your Car?

At some point in every person’s live, you will need to contact a tyre fitment centre to get quotes for the replacement of your tyres. This will lead you to the shocking reality of the number of tyre brands available for most cars.

Therefore, selecting the correct tyre for your car can become a confusing process…  If you keep in mind, the tyre choice is influenced by price, usually the pull is to go for the cheapest tyre, without any consideration to whether a premium or budget tyre are worth their price.

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When to check your Wheel Alignment

We have received numerous questions regarding wheel alignment over the Festive Season and to answer these questions properly we need to start with a better understanding of wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment:

An important fact to know is that while your wheels / tyres may bear the impact of your wheel alignment, wheel alignment is not only limited to you wheels and tyres; instead the alignment has more to do with the suspension of your motor car working properly.   This process is called wheel alignment because you “bend” the castor and camber so that the wheels “align” correctly with the road, resulting in even tyre wear, the car driving straight if you leave the steering wheel.

Understanding this, we are now able to answer the following question:

When should I check my Wheel Alignment?

Check your wheel alignment based on your motor every 6 months or 10 000km.  However, regardless of the recommendations, there are situations when the alignment should be checked.

  1. After any Accident or Impact to your Car:

    • Even an insignificant accident like running into a curb or hitting a pothole can have an influence on your cars alignment. It does not even have to harm your motor car or vehicle to alter just one wheel far enough out of alignment to have a noticeable impact on fuel usage, tire wear and steering.
  1. Before any long Trip:

    • Sustained high-speed driving magnifies the effect of misaligned tyres especially to tyre wear and fuel usage.
  1. At least – Once a year!

    • Manufactures base their wheel alignment checks on the numbers of kilometres driven, it is regularly a good idea to check the wheel alignment at least once a year regardless of the kilometres driven. Daily bumps, and city driving can compound to a slight misalignment that will grow over time.
wheel alignment
wheel alignment

At Tip Top Tyres we have the right equipment to check and fix your wheel alignment.  We sport a wide variety of Tyre brands, shocks and mags for you, making your visit to our dealership easy, fast and effective.

For more information visit us on www.tiptoptyres.co.za or follow us on Facebook for daily information and updates:  www.facebook.com/tiptoptyres

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Get ready for the First Rains

From the RMI Newsletter:


The rainy season is coming. While this is good news for the environment, it also presents new challenges for drivers with reduced tyre traction and visibility. Oil and grease collect on the roads during a dry season making the roads even more slippery and hazardous than during any other rainstorm.

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The column below was published in the June issue of Drive Out magazine, page 76. The feature (written by Grant Spolander) highlights an ongoing problem within the tyre industry, where users are incorrectly specced with the wrong tyre for their vehicle and application. NOTE: If you’re an avid 4×4 enthusiast and regular off-road driver, you must fit an LT tyre! In Cooper’s case, this includes our AT3 (LT), S/T Maxx (LT) and STT PRO (LT).


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Tip Top Tyres Charity Drive – Feedback

Support for Change with Tip Top Tyres! We received such great feedback we had to thank everyone taking part!

12798819_572845309532437_6720487739135695554_nTip Top Tyres went above and beyond with our charity collection last week! One of the charities we visited was Wollies Animal Project! Follow the fun, our charity team had!

In these photos we see the Exonika Team, the Crime Scene Cleanup Northteam and the Viva Gym SA Team drop off the collections and spend some time with the animals!

If you don’t have a pet, or are thinking of getting a pet,
visit Wollies Animal Project today!

Thank you to each and everyone, that made this possible!

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Tip Top Tyres Charity Run

Support for Change with Tip Top Tyres!

Last month we started with a support for change charity day and we had a blast! Follow our social media this coming months and see what we got up to!

A special thanks to the following people who helped us make this event a special one!