About Tip Top Tyres

tip-top-tyresTip Top Tyres was founded in 2000. It started of as a small community dealership which mainly relied on “buy-outs” from wholesalers to supply the necessary products. It continued to grow and build up a reputation for good service and good prices for everyday vehicles. In 2010 we underwent a management restructuring, the new management team of Piet and Bernard Groenewald saw the potential for the company to expand into the premium brand and luxury vehicle market.┬áSince then we have been working to ensure that we keep on providing the good service and prices on our budget brands for which we are known. And also to show that our low price philosophy extends to premium branded tyres and to tyres for premium branded vehicles.

Trusted by our customers and recognized by our suppliers. This can be seen by the fact that in 2015 we were honored to be voted the second best tyre fitment centre in the Beeld readership awards – which shows that we have earned the trust of our clients. We were also awarded the Point-S New Comer of the Year award and we were awarded as one of the top 20 Falken dealerships of the year – which shows that we have grown from a small community store to a store that is taken seriously by suppliers due to the volumes we buy.