Taking a look at Summer Star Tyres

Summerstar Tyres, a premium quality tyre at a mid-range tyre price. Summer Star Tyres achieves premium performance in mixed weather conditions – wet and dry roads. With high speed driving, Summer Star tyres are exposed to coping with grip and bursting on dry roads and reduced breaking on wet roads. To establish this feature they make use of longer and deeper siping design with a higher constant number of biting edges.

Summer Star


Summer Star Technical:


The block distribution has been optimised to help prevent the uneven wear of the tyres and to reduce rolling resistance, the tread compound was designed to provide very good grip. The optimised groove ratio together with the stiffness of its block, breaks down the road noise levels, making this tyre brand a sought after tyre for its price and performance.


Point S Range – SummerStar Tyres are designed in Germany and manufactured in Europe, this is the ONLY tyre to be branded with the group name, to show how much the Point S Group believes in the Summer Star Range.


Like all the tyres in the PointS range, Summer Star tyres are certified by the European tyre label. In addition to the criteria implemented by the European Union, the engineers who were involved in the development of the Summer Star tyres have also considered a variety of factors:


  • Dry braking performance;
  • Exterior and interior tyre noise;
  • Optimised longevity;
  • Fuel efficiency;
  • Providing enhanced comfort and safety;




So don’t stress, come to Point S, our Summer Star Tyres offers unbeatable value for money. There are a range of dimensions and choice of thread patterns, to fit your performance requirement.


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Special Note:

  • Check out for Tip Top Tyres in May 2017, we will be taking part in the Child Protection week with the Sinoville Crises Centre, the South African Police Force and Exonika Designs Group of Companies.