Which Tyre Brand drives your Car?

At some point in every person’s live, you will need to contact a tyre fitment centre to get quotes for the replacement of your tyres. This will lead you to the shocking reality of the number of tyre brands available for most cars.

Therefore, selecting the correct tyre for your car can become a confusing process…  If you keep in mind, the tyre choice is influenced by price, usually the pull is to go for the cheapest tyre, without any consideration to whether a premium or budget tyre are worth their price.

Let’s take a look at the basics of tyre brands and explore the pros and cons of each. Tyre brand options from all over the world, gets allocated into the following categories:

  1. Premium brands at brand prices,

  2. A Wide variety of options in mid-range tyres,

  3. Budget tyres from unknown brands that you have never heard of.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these tyre categories:

  1. Premium Tyres:

    1. Advantage:
      • These premium brands have access to latest technology, making your tyre the best of what’s on offer in the industry.
      • Premium Tyres have greater durability, which means it will last longer.
      • Best performance is guaranteed by Top Brands.
      • Top Brands are recognisable and trusted: (Goodyear / Michelin / Pirelli / Continental etc.)
      • Premium brands help your motor with grip and performance which will help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.
      • With a premium set of tyres, you will have improved braking, especially on shorter distances. This will increase the safety component of your car.
      • Premium brands gives you reduced road noise.
      • Your premium brand tyre, will last longer, giving you more value for your money.
    2. Disadvantage:
      • Highest Cost on Tyres.

From a Tyre Brand perspective, Andy Mathias, a commercial marketing and product manager for Bridgestone comments: “The technology of premium tyre brands is constantly evolving. Bridgestone’s Ecopia products, for example, have been developed to provide up to 7.2% fuel saving compared with standard tyres.

Apollo: Tyre Brand

Ricky Mitchell from Apollo tyres says: “The purchase price for a premium tyre would be higher, relatively speaking, but the tyre offers the best combination of safety, durability, fuel economy (rolling resistance) a low noise level, and all-round good driving performance.”

For more on fleet sales, and tyre brands visit: https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/fleet-management/tyre-management/premium-mid-range-or-budget

  1. Mid-Range Tyres

    1. Advantage
      • Routinely made by premium tyre manufacturers.
      • Superior durability to budget brands.
      • A Lower cost than premium brands.
      • Usually Less recognisable brands, but part of better known brands.
      • Good quality.
      • Affordable prices.
    2. Disadvantage
      • It’s still a higher initial price than budget brands

Mid-range tyre brands may not be as recognized as their premium equivalents, but the companies still spend seriously on design and testing.  A great example of this is the Falken Tyres, whom engineered a process to fight undesirable droning. This droning refers to the constant hum your tyres get from moving over the surface of the road.

The company named this innovation Silent Core.  These tyres have specialized foam applied to the inside of the tyre carcass. This foam layer absorbs the sound inside your car and decreases road noises.

  1. Budget Options:

You commonly get what you pay for when it comes to budget tyres.

  1. Advantage
    • Cheapest tyres which is usually an economy option to fit your wallet.
    • Unknown brands.
  1. Disadvantage
    • These tyres also only apply to the most basic requirements to ensure legal compliance.
    • Overall Tyre performance tends to be worse.
    • These Tyres have the least possible durability.

From an industry perspective you will find experts that say; budget tyres might offer a low upfront cost, but budget tyres commonly require replacements long before premium brands need to be changed.

The choice of brand that you put on your car is in the end, is your choice.

Having all the facts helps you make a better informed choice.  At Tip Top Tyres, we sell only the best brands of each category, giving you the best out of every price and quality range.

When it comes to the tyres that you put on your loved one’s car, we would only say: “ 1 Meter for an emergency stop is the difference between life and death. “

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