If only I knew

John drives a Ford Fiesta 2014 model that is sporting a new set of A-line flyer mags. On a rainy Monday evening he decides to take his family for dinner to celebrate his son’s birthday, with his wife and two daughters. The meal package for the family was R1000 together with the shopping they did for the kids, which cost them a little over R2000.

The birthday package included the kids being face painted then enjoyed the play room after a hearty meal. After an exciting day while driving back home on the wet road John noticed that his tyres skid while trying to stop at a red robot missing the red light just a bit, almost causing an accident putting his family’s life at risk. If the car had moved an inch forward; he would have slammed into the back of a new Mercedes Benz, he has never been so scared in his life. Had John checked his vehicle at Tip Top Tyres in time, he would have had to just replace and not have been at risk on the road driving with tyres that are not up to standard.

A new set of 195/50R15 tyres would be less than R3000 (depending on brand) all inclusive. What is more important: a nice evening out or the safety of his family?


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Article by Enneth Mgidi