Tip Top Tyres Charity Drive – Feedback

Support for Change with Tip Top Tyres! We received such great feedback we had to thank everyone taking part!

12798819_572845309532437_6720487739135695554_nTip Top Tyres went above and beyond with our charity collection last week! One of the charities we visited was Wollies Animal Project! Follow the fun, our charity team had!

In these photos we see the Exonika Team, the Crime Scene Cleanup Northteam and the Viva Gym SA Team drop off the collections and spend some time with the animals!

If you don’t have a pet, or are thinking of getting a pet,
visit Wollies Animal Project today!

Thank you to each and everyone, that made this possible!

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Tip Top Tyres Charity Run

Support for Change with Tip Top Tyres!

Last month we started with a support for change charity day and we had a blast! Follow our social media this coming months and see what we got up to!

A special thanks to the following people who helped us make this event a special one!